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Financial Assistance

Are you looking for assistance with childcare costs? Solano Family and Children’s Services (SFCS) has a Subsidized Child Care Program that can help. The program is designed to give families who meet certain financial criteria access to the early learning opportunities they need in order to gain an educational advantage during their formative years. At SFCS, we are dedicated to helping children flourish through quality care and supportive services provided by qualified providers-investing in kids today help build strong communities tomorrow!

Solano Eligibility List (SEL)
The SEL is a database (waiting list) of families who need help paying for child care in Solano County. Families are ranked on the SEL by eligibility factors (income, family size, and need for child care). When their CAPP program has an opening, the SEL is used to identify the most eligible family, and the opening is offered to that family.

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