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Birth to 24 Months

We are thrilled to offer our nursery program, designed especially for your little ones.  Our staff provides attentive care in a nurturing environment- your children will be nurtured into discovering their potential and building self-confidence. Join us today as we create an atmosphere of early learning excellence! It's sure to become an unforgettable experience for your young ones.

Full-Time Weekly: $350.28

Full-Time Monthly: $1456.17

Part-Time Weekly: $253.88

Part-Time Monthly: $965.25


2yrs through 5 yrs

Introducing your preschooler to a learning center can be an exciting, enriching experience! With the right program, it is sure to have them engaged and learning, while also having fun. Our toddler/preschool program offers stimulating activities that allow children to explore their environment in a supervised setting, giving them endless opportunities for development and growth. With  staff who are passionate about creating meaningful experiences for your child, our program is sure not only to meet but exceed your expectations. So give your preschooler a chance to learn with us - you won't be disappointed!

Full-Time Weekly: $249.37

Full-Time Monthly: $987.97

Part-Time Weekly: $175.39

Part-Time Monthly: $629.94


 After School

6yrs through 12yrs 

After school can be a great opportunity to focus on learning and developing skills. The learning center offers a fantastic after-school program for children of all ages, tailored to their needs. With a team of dedicated workers and a safe and stimulating environment, our program has been designed to help each student reach their academic goals and foster personal growth. We prioritize providing engaging activities that boost confidence and encourage efficient self-expression. For those interested in something more hands-on, dig into special projects that hone creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. Our afterschool program will be an enriching experience!

(SUMMER) Full-Time Weekly: $230.11

(SUMMER) Full-Time Monthly: $868.00

(During the School Year) Part-Time Weekly: $141.19

(SUMMER) Part-Time Monthly: $505.07

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